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Today's Dippit!

Daily Quote

"It is a wise father that knows his own child."

William Shakespeare

Joke of the Day

Jill broke her finger today, but on the other hand she was completely fine

Fun Fact

There are only three countries in the world that don't use the metric system.

For simplicity's sake, most of the more than 200 countries in the world use the metric system when describing things like length or mass. However, there are three countries that stand out: Liberia, Myanmar, and the United States.

And soon, that number might be down to two. In 2018, Liberia commerce and industry minister Wilson Tarpeh said the government plans to adopt the metric system in order to promote accountability and transparency in trade, according to the Liberian Observer.

History Fact

A singing birthday card has more computer power in it than the entire Allied Army of WWII.

I bet Hitler, Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt would have killed to get their hands on one of those cards!

The computer chip within them was so powerful by comparison that it would be inconceivable to the leaders of that time how we simply throw them away!

Movie/TV Trivia

Years before Hit-Girl caused Daily Mail readers heads to explode with the use of the C-word, its first outing in Hollywood was in Carnal Knowledge. Jack Nicolson’s character Jonathan utters the impressively eloquent line, “Answer me, you ball-busting, castrating, son of a cunt bitch!”. The actor would later call Nurse Ratched, “something of a cunt” in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.

Movie/TV Quote

"They call it a Royale with cheese."

Pulp Fiction, 1994

Conversation Starter

What was your favourite thing to do as a kid?

Writing Prompt

Weird Laws

North Dakota: No late-night fireworks

Happy almost New Year! Despite a 1999 amendment allowing the sale of fireworks temporarily from December 26, 1999 through January 1st, 2000, it is illegal to set off fireworks after 11p.m. in Devil’s Lake, North Dakota.

Food Thing

Radishes are members of the same family as cabbages.


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