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Today's Dippit!


"To be most effective in sales today, it's imperative to drop your 'sales' mentality and start working with your prospects as if they've already hired you."

Jill Konrath


Job interviewer: “And where would you see yourself in five years’ time Mr. Jeffries?"


Mr. Jeffries: "Personally I believe my biggest weakness is in listening."

Fun Fact

The voice actor of SpongeBob and the voice actor of Karen, Plankton’s computer wife, have been married since 1995.

History Fact

They even ate the remains of Egyptian mummies, which tomb raiders risked their lives to steal.

Movie/TV Trivia

Django Unchained

When Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio) smashes his hand on the dinner table, DiCaprio accidentally crushed a small stemmed glass with his palm and really began to bleed. He ignored it, stayed in character, and continued with the scene. Quentin Tarantino was so impressed that he used this take in the final print, and when he called cut, the room erupted in a standing ovation.

Movie/TV Quote

"You're gonna need a bigger boat."

Jaws, 1975

Conversation Starter

What do you like most about your friends?

Writing Prompt

What has become more important to me in the last year and what has become less important?


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