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Today's Dippit!


"Memories of our lives, of our works and our deeds will continue in others."

Rosa Parks


I couldn't figure out why the baseball kept getting larger. Then it hit me.

Fun Fact

Until 2016, the “Happy Birthday” song was not for public use. Meaning, prior to 2016, the song was copyrighted and you had to pay a license to use it.

History Fact

True To Message

Thomas Paine’s treatise Common Sense played a major part in swaying the American public in favor of independence, and it outsold any other book of its time, but Paine himself didn’t make any profit. Instead, he used his portion of the sales to buy mittens for American troops stationed in Canada during the American Revolution. He allowed anyone to freely reproduce the pamphlet, as long as they covered the printing costs.

Movie/TV Trivia

12 Years A Slave

In order to better portray an alcoholic, Michael Fassbender had his makeup artist paint his mustache with alcohol so that the other actors would react naturally to the smell, as they would to a man who had been drinking heavily.

Movie/TV Quote

"They're here!"

Poltergeist, 1982

Conversation Starter

What do I do that makes you smile?

Writing Prompt

It's a freezing cold night. Your character finds a homeless family on his doorstep and invites them into his home to sleep. But in the morning, the family doesn't leave....


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