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Today's Dippit!


"Fill your mind with truth; fill your heart with love; fill your life with service."

Thomas S. Monson


"Boulder," he corrected me. So I stuck out my chest and shouted, "THAT SURE IS A BIG ROCK!!"

Fun Fact

In the 16th Century, Arab women could initiate a divorce if their husbands didn’t pour coffee for them.

Today, this would be unheard of. But back then, coffee was an integral part of Turkish society. So much so, that it was “grounds” for divorce.

No one knows why exactly this was acceptable, but the fact remains that it was!

History Fact

And Betsy Ross Didn't Design and Sew the First American Flag

At least the only proof we have of this is from Ross's grandson, William Canby, who claimed in 1870 that his "gam-gam" had the idea. The real creator was more likely to be Francis Hopkinson from New Jersey, who signed the Declaration of Independence and also designed many seals for the U.S. government.

Movie/TV Trivia

The cheque The Dude fills out at Ralph’s in The Big Lebowski is dated September 11th 1991. On the supermarket TV George Bush Sr. calls out Saddam Hussein over the invasion of Kuwait.

Movie/TV Quote

"Honest to blog?"

Juno (2007)

Conversation Starter

What is your spirit animal?

Writing Prompt


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