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Today's Dippit!


"Think more highly of what fate has given you than of what it has denied."

Baltasar Gracian


I'm no cheetah…you're lion!

Fun Fact

Sea otters hold hands when they sleep so they don’t drift away from each other.

This is a method mostly used by a mother and her pup to prevent them from separating.

Other than holding hands, they may also wrap themselves in kelp to keep from drifting away!

History Fact

Cowboys Didn't Actually Wear Cowboy Hats

Those big Stetsons that everyone associates with cowboys like John Wayne, Billy the Kid, or Wyatt Earp? Yeah. Cowboys didn't wear those. In fact, the hat of choice for the 19th century cowboys was actually a bowler hat. Go figure.

Movie/TV Trivia

If you made it to the end of I Am Legend you’ll have been treated to Will Smith going kablooey (along with the point of Matheson’s novel). In a surprising reversal of the usual ‘let the hero survive’ approach, an alt scene saw Neville survive.

Movie/TV Quote

"Hell is a teenage girl."

Jennifer's Body (2009)

Conversation Starter

Are you having a good time?

Writing Prompt


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