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Today's Dippit!


"Make time for yourself…stop letting yourself be pulled in all directions."

Marcus Aurelius


Never date someone cross-eyed… You'll always catch them seeing other people on the side!

Fun Fact

Bin Laden’s death was announced on 1st May 2011. Hitler’s death was announced on 1st May 1945.

Both of these cruel leader’s deaths were announced on the same day, but due to the time difference, Bin Laden actually died on May 2nd.

The announcement was made in the U.S. which was hours enough ahead to still be May 1st.

History Fact

The Puritans Didn't Come to the New World for 'Religious Freedom'

The Protestant "Separatists" left Holland because of too much religious freedom, since the country allowed Judaism and Catholicism and even atheism. Because of this, the Puritans dipped and went to the Mayflower where they embarked across the pond for the new world.

Movie/TV Trivia

Those who correctly state that Infernal Affairs is better than its remake, The Departed, often state the need for closure as one reason for its inferiority. It’s a surprise to learn then that one ‘happier’ ending saw the Hong Kong thriller lose its open ending as Andy Lau’s mole gets his comeuppance with arrest, negating the superb trilogy closer in which his guilt sent him over the edge.

Movie/TV Quote

"I have had it with these motherfuckin' snakes on this motherfuckin' plane!"

Snakes on a Plane (2006)

Conversation Starter

This song is so overplayed, I’d rather hear X. How about you?

Writing Prompt


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