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Today's Dippit!


"Be a good listener. Your ears will never get you in trouble."

Frank Tyger


My uncle named his dogs Rolex and Timex. They're his watch dogs!

Fun Fact

Nearly two people die each second.

While four babies are born on Earth every second, it's estimated that around two people pass away at the same time. That means that 105 people die each minute, 6,316 people die each hour, 151,600 people die each day, and 55.3 million people die each year. Sorry, folks—not all interesting facts are fun!

History Fact

Shakespeare originated the “yo momma” joke.

Shakespeare gave the English language a plethora of slick new words, some fairly excellent poetry including the perfected form of the sonnet, as well as a load of plays which are mostly the bane of high-school English students.

Something else he also gave us was the “yo momma” joke.

In his play Titus Andronicus, one of the characters, Chiron, exclaims “Thou has undone our mother” to which another character, Aaron, replies “Villain, I have done thy mother.

Shots fired.

Movie/TV Trivia

One cast member of The Exorcist later turned out to be a serial killer

As if The Exorcist wasn’t creepy enough, you might be interested to know that there was a convicted serial killer working on the set of the film. Paul Bateson actually plays an X-Ray technician in the scene where Regan is undergoing a carotid angiography procedure.

He was working as a technician at the New York University Medical Center when the Exorcist producers rolled up to shoot the scene and asked Bateson to appear in front of the camera.

Six years after the movie was released, Bateson was convicted of killing film critic Addison Verrell. We’ll spare you the gruesome details, but he then confessed to killing a number of other gay men in the 1970s after he was caught boasting to fellow prisoners about the location of the bodies.

Bateson left a grisly legacy which has only added to the conspiracy theory that The Exorcist was cursed from the very beginning.

Movie/TV Quote

“If you build it, he will come.”

Field of Dreams, 1989

Conversation Starter

What is the most overrated movie?

Writing Prompt


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