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Today's Dippit!


"Nothing is impossible to a determined woman."

Louisa May Alcott


Apple is designing a new automatic car. But they're having trouble installing Windows!

Fun Fact

Banks have therapists known as “wealth psychologist” who help ultra-rich clients, who are unable to mentally cope with their immense wealth.

History Fact

Not All Bad

Genghis Khan exempted the poor, teachers, artists, and lawyers from taxes, encouraged literacy, and established freedom of religion across his empire. He also forbade the selling of women and the hunting of animals during their breeding season.

Movie/TV Trivia

I Am Legend

While doing a press conference in Japan for the release of the movie, Will Smith accidentally revealed the ending to a collection of entertainment reporters. Warner Bros. asked the reporters and all those present to withhold the ending, and the reporters all obliged without any pay-off or consideration.

Movie/TV Quote


The Graduate, 1967

Conversation Starter

What do you think of tour group packages?

Writing Prompt


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