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Today's Dippit!


"Someday is not a day of the week."

Denise Brennan-Nelson


Why do blind people hate skydiving? It scares the hell out of their dogs.

Fun Fact

There's a world record—and a happy ending—for the greatest distance thrown in a car accident.

This is one world record you may not want to try and top. A car traveling 70 miles per hour struck Matthew McKnight, an off-duty paramedic, when he stopped to help out with an accident on the side of an interstate in 2001. He was thrown 118 feet, almost half a football field.

Eric Brader, his emergency room physician, told McKnight he should send it into the Guinness Book of World Records, but McKnight brushed it off as a joke. Brader was so impressed by the feat that he sent in the paperwork anyways, which was approved in 2003, but didn't make the cut until its 2008 edition.

History Fact

A Distinguished History

With all the history we have behind us, it can be hard to keep track of everything. Which is why is seems super disorienting to think that the University of Oxford, which opened its doors to students in 1096, is actually older than the Aztec empire, which began in 1427, by hundreds of years. Super disorienting, but super true.

Movie/TV Trivia

Orson Welles directed much of Citizen Kane from a wheelchair, after injuring himself on set.

Movie/TV Quote

"Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys."

Dead Poets Society, 1989

"I have a pair of pants from a company called Carpe Denim," screenwriter Tom Schulman tells THR. "I didn't realize when I bought them, but when they were folded in a certain way I saw it on the inside of the waistband. The 'Denim' is pretty much the funniest thing I've seen with that line."

Conversation Starter

If you could make up a school subject, what would it be?

Writing Prompt


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