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Today's Dippit!


"You don’t choose your family. They are god’s gift to you, as you are to them."

Desmond Tutu


This morning, Siri said, "Don't call me Shirley." I accidentally left my phone in Airplane mode!

Fun Fact

America accidentally dropped an atom bomb on South Carolina in 1958.

In March 1958, a B-47 plane was headed to the United Kingdom and was armed with an atomic bomb. This bomb was even bigger than the "Fat Boy," the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki.

During the flight, the pilots noticed a fault light, so one of them decided to check it out. In doing so, he accidentally released the emergency pin, watching in horror as the bomb dropped to the ground. The good news was, the critical part of the bomb needed to set it off was still on the plane, so it never exploded.

History Fact

In 16th-century Canada, women drank a potion with beaver testicles ground into it as a form of contraception.

Movie/TV Trivia

If you’re ever looking to authentically recreate the ‘assassin in love with a 12 year old’ look, the correct type of plant featured in Luc Besson’s gloriously wonderful Leon is an aglaonema.

Movie/TV Quote

"Cello, you've got a bass."

School of Rock (2003)

Let's get one thing straight: Richard Linklater's School of Rock absolutely stands the test of time. Of course, shouldering most of its lasting greatness is Jack Black's performance as Dewey Finn, a deadbeat musician who steals his roommate's substitute teaching job, turning the classroom of serious private school kids into bona fide rockers. Part of that transformation entails Dewey showing the students that the skills they've already picked up from school band are applicable to rock 'n' roll. Just turn that big, four-stringed instrument on its side and, cello -- you've got a bass.

Conversation Starter

If you could ask for a miracle, what would it be?

Writing Prompt


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