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Today's Dippit!


“Live for each second without hesitation.”

Elton John


I'm going to buy some velcro for my shoes instead of laces. Why knot?

Fun Fact

Boeing uses potatoes to test their in-flight Wi-Fi, as they reflect and absorb the signals similarly to people. The project is called Synthetic Personnel Using Dialectic Substitution- or SPUDS.

History Fact

George Washington Opened a Whiskey Distillery After His Presidency

Apparently, being the first president of the United States wasn't enough for George Washington in his lifetime. After his term, Washington opened a whiskey distillery. By 1799, Washington's distillery was the largest in the country, producing 11,000 gallons of un-aged whiskey. After the president's death, the business was no more, however.

Movie/TV Trivia

Pierce Brosnan was contractually forbidden from wearing a full tuxedo in any non-James Bond movie from 1995-2002.

Movie/TV Quote

"To me, you are perfect."

Love Actually (2003)

Love Actually doesn't exactly top Breakfast at Tiffany's in the Widely Loved, But Very Problematic Movie department, but it makes its best effort through pretty much every one of its 18,000 running storylines, culminating in the scene where Mark (Andrew Lincoln) turns up at Juliet's (Keira Knightley) house with a series of the creepiest romantic flashcards ever created. Lincoln himself called his character a "creepy stalker," maybe because Mark films no one but Juliet during her wedding (to Mark's best friend), or because he shows up on Christmas silently proclaiming undying love for the woman who literally just married his best friend. Seems like he might have had a chance to pull the flashcard stunt in the months or years preceding Christmas. Nevertheless! Love Actually lives on as one of the best Christmas films ever AND one of the best rom-coms ever. The treacly tagline that "love actually is all around" is driven home by Mark's desperate plea, one of those grand movie gestures that calls to mind John Cusack's Say Anything boombox. While much of Richard Curtis' script expresses more ambivalent feelings toward love than the title suggests, the cue cards have lived on as a meme, and "To me, you are perfect" has repeatedly bailed out romantic partners with nothing original to write in birthday or Valentine's Day cards. For the record, the only part of Love Actually that holds up is Rowan Atkinson's role -- Mr. Bean wraps presents so slowly!

Conversation Starter

How did you hear about this event?

Writing Prompt

Your character gets cosmetic surgery in an attempt to make her boyfriend love her more. But then she worries he only loves her for her looks....


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