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Today's Dippit!


“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.”


I wasn't going to get a brain transplant, but then I changed my mind.

Fun Fact

Eight of the ten largest statues in the world are of Buddhas.

History Fact

Ketchup Was Sold in the 1830s as Medicine

Forget Ibuprofen. In the 1830s, when it came to popular medicine, ketchup was all the rage. In 1834, it was sold as a cure for indigestion by an Ohio physician named John Cook. It wasn't popularized as a condiment until the late 19th century. The more you know.

Movie/TV Trivia

Barbie in Toy Story is voiced by Jodi Benson, best known for her role as Ariel in The Little Mermaid.

Movie/TV Quote

"I wanna rob."

The Bling Ring (2013)

Sofia Coppola's films aren't inherently quotable. In fact, arguably the most indelible moment she ever constructed revolves around an impenetrable whisper in Lost in Translation. (We considered putting that on this list, but we still don't know what Bill Murray said to Scarlett Johansson). The Bling Ring is an outlier. Coppola put her own stamp on the true and entrancing story of a bunch of teens who robbed celebs, the likes of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, in the early aughts. There's perhaps nothing in her dreamy film as memorable as one of the real-life teens sobbing "Nancy Jo, this is Alexis Neiers calling" into the phone on the reality show Pretty Wild, but one moment comes close: Emma Watson, blunt in hand, popping her hip to the side and whining, "I wanna rob," in an effort to get her friends to break into Paris Hilton's house.

Conversation Starter

What would make you (if parent) most upset? A tattoo, a nose ring or a bad boyfriend/girlfriend?

Writing Prompt

A bat gets in the house. Your character's husband becomes hysterical, frightened that it might be rabid. In his panic, he ends up shutting the bat in a room with your character while he calls an exterminator from a safe place in the house. His behavior makes your character see her husband in a new way....


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