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Today's Dippit!


"I think our job as parents is to give our kids roots to grow and wings to fly."

Deborah Norville


I lost my job at the bank on my very first day. A woman asked me to check her balance, so I pushed her over

Fun Fact

65% of autistic kids are left-handed, and only 10% of people in general are left-handed.

History Fact

A Worthy Opponent

After superstar fighter pilot Baron von Richthofen, better known as the Red Baron, was shot down and killed during World War II, he was given full military honours by the Allies, including a proper burial near Amiens. A wreath inscribed, “To Our Gallant and Worthy Foe” was placed upon his grave.

Movie/TV Trivia

Hattie McDaniel nearly missed out on her Oscar due to racial segregation

In 1940, Gone With the Wind actress Hattie McDaniel made film history after she became the first African-American actor to win an Academy Award.

However, she nearly didn’t make it to the ceremony at all thanks to the strict racial segregation which existed in America at that time. Producers had to beg the Academy Awards to let McDaniel attend the ceremony, which was being held in a ‘Whites Only’ hotel.

Eventually they relented and allowed McDaniel into the venue – where she was seated a small table at the rear of the hotel away from her fellow nominees. The actress wasn’t allowed to pose with her fellow Gone With the Wind cast members and was not allowed in to any of the after parties either.

Still, McDaniel was given over a minute for her acceptance speech and sobbed as she stated: “I sincerely hope I will always be a credit to my race and the motion picture industry.”

Movie/TV Quote

"Here's Johnny!"

The Shining, 1980

Fun fact:

This line was completely improvised. Jack Nicholson was only prompted to break down the door, but he decided to improvise this line and it made the final cut of the movie.

Conversation Starter

Did you have an imaginary friend? What was his/her name?

Writing Prompt


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