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Toxic Attitudes

I have some pretty bad toxic attitudes myself but one particular attitude I find happens a lot around this time of year. This particular attitude is the victim attitude. It is the attitude that you gave someone something that was worth more then what you received or you went above and beyond what you needed to do to get extra recognition or to help someone out and you really don’t get anything back from it or enough recognition for what you have done. Another attitude that you may have is that because you have gone above and beyond that you should have done that you should have an easy take while you are going it, regardless of the time of year that it is, just that you should be able to take it easy.

Sometimes you just need to change your mind or get a new mindset or perspective on the issue or problem at hand. It could be just part of the job or position that you have or it could just be something that needs to be done. (Like laundry, it isn’t the best thing in life but it really needs to get done regardless). If there is a task at work that you have to do, what about it that you do not like? Is there a way that you don’t have to do it at all without having to get a new job? Is there a different way to look at the situation itself? Is it person specific? Can you use it as motivation to do something else?

An example of a toxic attitude that I have experienced around this wonderful time of year is that it doesn’t matter what you do, you can’t not make everyone happy. For example, if the weather is bad where I live but it is clear where you are, I decide not to go because of the weather being so bad, you would feel comfortable driving in all types of weather but because I am not you become disappointed in me when I don’t drive. What if I do end up driving and nothing happens on the drive I won’t be present due to the drive and having to drive back in this bad weather and you will be disappointed in me for not being present but if say I end up in a ditch because the weather is so bad. Are you going to pay for my car to be fixed? For the tow to get it to where I need it to go? For the physical therapy that I might need to get better? No you are not. I am really in a bad situation no matter what I do. It really is a double edged sword, you will get a persons negative opinion no matter what you do in life so you might as well just not do anything and they will most likely tell you after the fact as well to top it all off.

You do you, no one should ever make you feel inferior, you have the right to live your own life on your won terms.


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