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Trinket Shopping

I find it very easy to go and get trinkets all of the time. You may want to get something on an impulse but when you see it its not really worth it in the end. You may end up spending so much money on just trinkets that you may not have the money for the things that are really worth it in the end.

Trinkets can take many forms but it really does just takes the form of cluttering up your home. You end up with a whole bunch of stuff that you don’t need but you wanted in the moment, these things don’t have any value in them and will most likely end up in the garbage when you die.

I think one of the ways you collect trinkets or items is because you are into a certain genre and when you see it in a store, you must have it just because of that bill or people who know you gift you these things because they know you will like it. It doesn’t matter if you need it, it is just simply a gift stuffer. Gifts are nice but when they weigh you down with physical items it isn’t that good of a gift in the end.

I used to be the person when I would receive a few extra dollars I could spend it on what ever I wanted and I usually just spent in on something that didn’t even matter or really wanted I just ended up spending the money on something that well most likely didn’t end up lasting me an hour or even the year.

I know a few people when they get a few extra dollars, instead of saving the money like they should they just end up spending it on anything and everything. The downside of them constantly spending their extra dollars like that is when you ask them if they want to join in on some activity like dinner, movies or for drinks they can’t. They just don’t have the money for it. They may have a house full of stuff but that’s it it’s just stuff.

I think that I have gone from wanting stuff to just wanting to have stuff out of my house. I have way to much. I have so much clutter that I don’t know what I want to do with it all. I am slowly decluttering and have stopped spending all of my money on stuff (or at least trying to stop spending all of my money on stuff especially food, junk food). Once I get all of this stuff out of my house I know that it will be nice, I will not have a cluttered house or mind to fill it all up. I know that decluttering takes time and it is worth it in the end but it is the process of getting everything out. It is worth it in the end. I know that there is no rule book for getting rid of things but it is the trinkets that really do add up.


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