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Turning Red

Turning Red came out in 2022 staring Rosalie Chiang and Sandra Oh.

The movie takes place in Toronto Ontario in 2002.

A Chinese family living in China town as a great ancestor who was given the power to turn into a red panda to protect her family in times of war. This red panda gift has been handed down to each woman in this family.

When Meilin wakes up one day, she is super surprised when she turns into a red panda herself. She isn’t sure what is going on or what to expect from what is happening. She hides it from her parents and can calm down, but as her mother doesn’t know she has ‘unleashed’ her panda her mother thinks that her strange behaviour is because she has just got her period.

Meilin goes to school but has a hard time controlling her inner panda. She ends up turning into her panda and ends up running home from school. Her mother sees her running home and now knows exactly what Meilin is up and why was acting so oddly.

At the dinner table Meilin and her parents end up talking about this panda gift that has been pistoled upon the woman in the family and that to seal the gift so it doesn’t keep happening on the next red moon a ritual will be done to seal the gift. The panda is triggered by great emotions whether its good or bad.

The next red moon is on the same night as the 4*Town concert which is the ‘it’ band for all of the tweens these days. Meilin and her friends want to go to this concert so bad.

Meilin’s friends end up seeing her panda and help her calm down and want to help her control it. Once at school a situation arises, and Meilin loses control, and they rush her to the bathroom to help calm her down where other students walk in and find out that she is this red panda. They get excited and want to take pictures with her and everything. This is when Meilin and her friends get the idea to charge their classmates for pictures so they can get the money to go see 4*Town.

On the night of the concert and the red moon, Meilin chooses to stay at home to do the ritual that will bind her powers of the red panda. Her friends are angry with her but can’t do anything about it.

During the ritual Meilin gets angry and realises that she wants to keep her panda, takes off and ends up going to the 4*Town concert.

Meilin’s mother doesn’t agree with this and ends up going to the Skydome as her panda as well to bring Meilin back to finish the ritual.

Meilin’s aunts and grandmother come to the Skydome as well to help with the situation. Meilin only gets to enjoy the concert for a little before all the shenanigans unfold and all of the family’s pandas come out and need to work together to make sure that Meilin’s mom’s panda can be rebound again.

In the end all the families’ pandas get bound but Meilin decides to keep hers. It ends up working out in the end with Meilin and her mom having a better relationship with each other then ever before.

Is this a good movie? Yes. Would I recommend this movie to other people? Of course. Would I watch this movie again? Already have.


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