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Unhauling and Organization

I haven’t done a lot of reading this week and I didn’t finish a book but that is ok with me.  I have organized my books a lot and I have unhauled more than what I have hauled this week.

I want to bring out more books that I am wanting to read but I just don’t have the space to do that on my TBR shelf.  Well, I can make the space to do that, but I would just rearrange things again and it might not look the greatest, especially on camera.

I do have some extra time over the next 2 weeks so I am hoping that I can get some more reading in.  I also have some more crafts that I want to be doing as well. 

I finished a craft, a toque for someone special who is coming soon, and I would like to make a small blanket for them as well.

I am happy with the number of books that I must read, and I need to remember not to put limits on myself.  If I want to borrow books from the library then I can, if I want to unhaul some more books than I can.  Do I need to bring more books into my home?  Absolutely not, no matter what the price is.

I find that it is hard sometimes to get rid of things and to not purchase items because what will other people think if I don’t you know.  People should want to keep up with me and not the Jones, right?!

I must remind myself that no one cares how many books I have, or I don’t have, I am the one concerned or worried about this sort of a thing, the only thing that matters if I am reding and if I want to be reading the books that I have. 

Others do not care as much as I think that they do about what I have or don’t have and how I am spending my own time.  Others are spending their time worrying about their own lives and don’t think about mine as much as I think that they do.  I sometimes need to remind myself that I don’t need to be living by other people’s standards, I need to be living by my own standards.  I also need to remind myself that others in the online book sphere also get rid of books and have bigger shelves than I do as well.

I do like having a large selection of books as sometimes I tend to give them to other people.  I think that is why I like having so many books laying around so when I need to have a little gift stuffer, I can just go to my TBR shelf and give them a few.  It is an easy way to get rid of some books as well.

Unahuls and Organization
Hauls, unhauls and organization

Some weeks I read more than others and that is all that I can hope for is that I am consistently reading.


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