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Unnecessary Stress

On most accounts stress is common but really is unnecessary. There is no need to worry because worrying means that you will have to suffer twice. No amount of anxiety is going to change the outcome. Things always have a way of working themselves out in the end.

I always find things motivations type quotes and ideas to be very true. I always try and remember them when I am going through a ruff time because well things are going to happen, and it is how we handle them that makes a real difference.

The other day I was thinking about how many birthdays and anniversaries are coming up in the coming months. Before I knew it I needed to budget $300 for all of it. After taking a step back I realized that I honestly don’t need to purchase anything for anyone. Yes, there is a few people that I do need to purchase things for but at the most I am spending about $100 which is more manageable for me at the end of the day. There was no need for me to be stressing out about any of it, but I ended up doing so but I am happy that I didn’t drive myself crazy or start to purchase items for people that I didn’t really need to purchase presents for.

For some people, no gift is necessary just spending time together is what is needed and for others I already have a gift for them, and I don’t need to purchase more then $30 on them which is super nice. Sometimes especially right after Christmas it is hard to lose sight of what is needed and what you can and cannot do for gifts. I am one that tends to go overboard with gift giving and is something that I do need to dial back. At times especially around Christmas I find that give giving is really unnecessary, but it is a good feeling to give things to people on special occasions.

Work stress is something else that at times that I do tend to worry about. I need to keep in mind that if a I am doing my best, trying, and caring about my work then that will be reflected, and it will show.

Sometimes I get to caught up in my sleeping patterns that I just forget to let go and to get some sleep, that is what is most important for me to be doing. For me I do need to try to get to bed earlier so I can attempt to get a few extra minutes in the night.

Going through the motions of life isn’t an acceptable way of living but is a way that some people do life and is something that I am working on myself. Stress is a part of life but working on ways to better deal with it is something that I can change.

To help calm myself down and to alleviate some of my stress, I like to listen to music, dance or just talk it out with someone. It always changes but I do tend to feel better afterwards.

How do you handle stress? Do you find that things always have a way of working themselves out? Do you have stress in your life? What are the techniques that you must get rid of unnecessary stress? Is stress useful in your opinion?


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