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Weekly Book Finish with A Start of a New One

Well, I am pretty good at reading one book a week and starting a new one. 1.5 books a week is consistent which is pretty good.

I guess that is what I want to be doing. I want to be consistent. I want to be reading every single day, as well as continuing to vlog every day even if I don’t read a lot every single day. I want to be reading every day, at some point I want to be reading about 75 pages a day but right now I just need to make sure that I am reading every day. I just like reading and there are so many different benefits to reading that I would like to make it a priority to read every single day.

The benefits of reading that I want to keep getting the benefit from are

1. Improve my memory

2. Improves my vocabulary

3. Improve my concentration

4. Reduce stress

5. A new and different perspective

6. Critical thinking

7. Improve my empathy and understanding

I have a newfound love for my tablet. I think I forgot that I even had it and that it could do a bunch of different things that it can do. I got the Hoopla and Kobo app installed on the tablet and I think I will continue to use it to read ‘If He Had Been With Me’ by Laura Nowlin. I of course have a few different books on my Kobo app, but my favourite is that I also have The Wheel of Time books on that app so I can continue to read it there whenever I want to.

I do wish that I could be done The Wheel Of Time Books but they are very long books and very detailed so they are going to take me a minute and I do like listening to them on audio book so I am not too sure how I want to complete that series. There are always going to be books that come out that I will want to read, you know.

But whether I continue to read Not Like The Movies or If He Had Been With Me, it will be a great time either way!


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