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Weighting to be thin

I think a lot of the time that we all have a role to play and that is the role that we must play for the rest of our lives or at least until someone else gives us permission to be able to be another character. If all the world is a stage and all of us are merely players in it, then we all have a role to play, but the thing is, is that you do not need to have permission to be another character. If you want to change then do it.

It is hard to change, especially when others don’t see it right away within yourself. Others may not believe you and others might not even care. People cannot see change in you or in anybody else right away and it is hard to see change in yourself, but you must keep going with what you know is right. I know that it is hard for me to keep a change in my life for a long period of time, but life is fluid, and you must go with the flow with whatever is going on in it. I always like to say that what worked for you yesterday and what is going to work for you tomorrow is what is going to help yo0u out today.

Change is hard but you will never get to where you want to be just waiting for it to happen. You must do something yourself. You can eat your way to health, but you must make sure that you have the proper portion sizes and that you are eating the right types of food.

I find that having a lot of produce around is very helpful. On one of the rabbit holes that I went down on the internet when looking at different things that you can do to help you lose weight and to keep it all off, was that everything that you should be eating is right at the front of the grocery store when you first walk in. The more you walk into the store to get food the worse it is for you.

Another rabbit hole that I went down is the effects of sugar on the brain and your body. How sugar can slow you down both physically and mentally. You should avoid all processed sugars as much as you can help it but while maintaining a proper diet, trying to achieve balance as they say in your life.

I for one do not have the ability to create overall balance in my life where I can achieve all the things that I want to in life, but I know what I want to be achieving. I want to achieve what I think is a perfect body while not gorging on food or waiting for the right time to focus on my weight. I want to be taking the time everyday to

Food is something that is there, but I find that I will get a term stuck in my head regarding food like I have a food addiction and I somehow feel like I need to fulfill that to the tenth degree. Do I have a food addiction? Well don’t all of us have one. I don’t think I do but I do have a problem with eating way too much food and I am finding that I am in need to remind myself that I don’t need to be eating and that I can choose the part that I want to be playing. I want to be playing the part of someone who isn’t big at all so I need to stop waiting for the right time and start to think about my weighting that I am doing and how I can go to be playing the part to get me to that size that I want to be in. It is about time that I stop waiting to be thin and start to think about weighting to be thin.


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