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When You Want To Be An Online Influencer….

There is always something to consider when you are wanting to be an online influencer. But they say that you do need to diversify your content, not just on numerous different platforms but to consider branching out to new and different ideas.

Do you want to….

· Post pictures on Instagram or Facebook?

· Short form videos on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, or TicTok?

· Stream on YouTube or Twitch?

· Have a podcast?

· There are so many different types of merchandise that you can do which should you start with?

· If you get sponsorship, which one should it be?

o You want to make sure that the one that you choose is the right one for you and your community

Then there is all of the other plat forms that I didn’t even mention like….

· YouTube

· Twitter

· Twitch

· Facebook

· Instagram

· Snapchat

· LinkedIn

· Patreon

· Create your own website

· Etsy

· Pinterest

· Slack

· Spotify

· Stereo

· Letterboxd

· Tumblr

· TicTok

· Reddit

· Soundcloud

· Ad SenseAR

· Merchandise (including books)

· Sponsorships

· Affiliate Codes & Links

· Channel memberships

· Appearance fees

· Discord

· OBS Streaming

· Vimeo

· Cameo

· Comcast

· Divi – Elegant Themes

· Wix


· Bluehost

· Squarespace

· Network Solutions


· Site 123

· Ionos by 1&1

· Elementor


Then there are the content ideas, how do you decide from there?

· Have exclusive content/early releases to those pay no matter the amount on Patreon, YouTube & Website

o Videos

o Newsletters

o Stories

o Articles/Opinion pieces

· What is it that you want out of it?

o To make money?

o For the fun of it?

o To show other people stuff like:

§ How to’s

§ What you are doing (average day, day in the life)

§ How to do something/accomplish something (i.e. crafts, living in a vehicle, safe money, how you make money)

o To get out there

o The enjoyment of it

o The art of it

· Brand

o Have a ‘catch phrase’

o Have a consistent intro and outro on your videos

o Have links down in the description box

o Have everything connected

· Upload at least once a week, at the same time, every time

· Types of videos/vlogs/blogs

o Challenge videos

o Educational

o Family focused

o Kid focused

o Hauls of any type

o Daily vlogging – daily living

o Motivation

o How to’s

o Talk show

o Self improvement

o Fashion

o Abandoned

o Minimalism

o Travel

o Exploring

o Reviews

o Food

o Fashion

o Minimalism

o Reviews

o Travel

o Exploring

Really there are so many different things that you can do and really need to consider. I hope that this helps you on your journey to help determine what you need to do to become a successful content creator.

Being an online creator does take a lot of time and energy to be able to do and it is a process to learn what is really working for you. You might want to change up what you are doing a few times and change thumbnails after a few hours but you can do it. You can adjust and learn what you are doing to make sure that you are getting the most out of your content.


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