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Why I limit my TV Viewing Time

It came to a point where I was at work, and I was finding that instead of having TV going on in the background I was actually watching TV and having working going on in the background and that was a problem. I mean deadlines were being met, things were getting out the door but I wasn’t as productive as I should be and it was only a certain amount of time before someone found out about it.

The problem really was that I wasn’t doing enough for a days work and it got me thinking, if I was working for myself then I could do what ever I wanted when ever I wanted. Sure there are times when I am doing something so mindless that having a show or podcast going on in the background was nice and I was actually learning something but for the most part I was finding that instead of being actually creative I was just being to passive. Part of the problem was that I was so used to having someone whispering in my ear that I wasn’t allowing myself to actually think out loud.

While I was at home instead of actually doing something that was creative I was just thinking just a few more videos or one more episode then I will go and do something but I would always loose the ambition to go and do something once all of the media was finished. I also wasn’t being specific enough with what I wanted to be doing. I can plan, plan and plan all that I want but if I am not going to be actually doing something about it then what is the point of actually doing something correct? Eventually, you will run out of tomorrows and the deadline will be today and what are you doing to be doing about that?

When I would have music playing it forces me to get up and do something that I need to be doing. Once I have specifically figured out what I want to be doing then I just need to go ahead and start doing it. Working my way to be able to keep busing and to be batching and to be able to stay in a buffer zone where I am always so far ahead of my deadlines for what I want to be doing does help me plan better and feel less stress. The point is, is that I always need to be working on my project’s on a daily to be able to do so.

I cut down on my TV viewing time so I had more time for me and what I wanted to be doing in my life. I am the most important thing that I have to keep running. If I want to take a day, week, month off of work I should be able to do so at a drop of a button and not have to worry about things falling apart. If I want to work while I am on vacation then that is up to me.

The point is, is that I want to be in a better place then I am now in three, five and even seven months from now so that means I need to cut out what isn’t necessary and to keep going with what is necessary for myself to get in that place and watching TV isn’t going to help me get there. I need to focus on my goals and keep developing my strategies on how I am going to get there.

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