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Words Matter but Actions Over Words

The things that you say to yourself do matter but actions matter over words.

What you tell yourself is really important. You ultimately become what you tell yourself. If you tell yourself that you are not worthy or that you make a lot of little mistakes then that is what all you are ever going to be doing.

Words matter and they are what represents you as a person but what you are doing is more important they show people who you really are.

You can say that you want to be a YouTuber, actor, or an entrepreneur but if you are not creating content and posting it on YouTube, you are not going to auditions are working on different business plans then you are just saying stuff. You have to do things. You are not going to make money sitting on your couch watching TV or playing video games.

If you want to make money playing video games then you need to be streaming the video game and engaging your audience and community so that way you can gain popularity and gain traction. You have to be engaging and giving your audience something to look on your streaming page as well.

You want to be carful of the language that you use for yourself as well as the language that you tell other people. Swearing and using other fowl language is never appropriate to use on yourself or in any other social situation that you are in. You want to be sure that you are only using langue that is uplifting and that will bring yourself and other people up in life. You never want to burn bridges in life. It is always better to be nice, to the nice because it is nice.

You are only as good as your word, if you say that you are going to do something then do it. Wishes and thoughts are like clouds, they are here for a tiny but and then they move on. You want to act on the thoughts to make sure that things get done.

If you wish for something or think you want something then take action to make sure that you can get everything that you want. People who are successful didn’t get that way but just talking, they took action, they did something, even it was talking to the ‘right people’, they need to know or learn who these ‘right’ people were in the first place right? If you want that vacation home on the beach then you need to get the right path to make sure you have the money to be able to do so.

A suggestion that I have is to get rid of all of the distractions that you have. I know some people who have taken to extreme minimalize to be able to loose the distractions to be able to get what and where they are in life. For me I find that it is easiest to get started right away and to keep going on projects first thing in the morning or right after work otherwise it becomes way to easy to just say one more episode or video and then I will go do what needs to be done. If need be block your time out on a calendar and set alarms so you know that you are only going to be watching TV or playing video games for so long and you can be doing other things.

Another suggestion that I have is that if need be reward yourself with something only after you are done what you are doing, if you need something during it then have it be a beverage so you can have it the entire time you are working on the project.