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Alarm Clocks & Sick Days

In today's ever changing society it's hard to keep up with the times. It seems that today they way of life is work for yourself in some way or fashion.

When did the side hustles become the main hustle? Is this a bubble? Can this be sustained? Is the world of convenience, not having to leave and do something yourself (and becoming more full-serviced) a thing of the past? When did working for someone else really become a bad thing? Working on your own versus working for someone else, is it for you?

Working for yourself

I feel that if you worked for yourself, for the most part that you do not need to set an alarm to get up in the morning. Not to say that you don't have appointments or meetings and you don't need to get up at a certain time or don't have a preferred time of getting up in the morning but you are more or less on the schedule that you made for yourself.

Everyday it all would depends on you and how much you put into it. If you were a realtor you could do multiple showings that day or you could do done. It really depends on what you want for the day. If you wanted to be busy you can be, if you wanted to take the day off you could, if you are sick, well you still get all the work done (or at least a portion of it. I mean, why not you work from home anyways).

When you work for yourself, you may still may work for someone else like being a virtual assistant or delivery driver but you tend to make the hours that you can work, and work around that to make sure the work gets done.

Working for yourself does have its disadvantages like not being able to get away from the office, friends/family/co-workers may tend to think that you have all of this extra free time on your hands due to working from home.

Working for someone else

I have taken a few sick days myself and know that despite being sick, I still could have done some work that day. Not a full day mind you but at least a hour of some work. It's dis-hardened at times thinking about the 'what ifs' and the 'I could have's' if I worked for myself.

Working for someone else has a few disadvantages as well. For example, if you need an appointment and their office hours coincide with the hours you work, you may need to take time off of work to go, if emergencies/life happens it may be harder to find someone to take/finish your shift. If you need a day off, there may be a few hoops that you may need to jump through.

Both avenues you do have the hustle to get things done. There is the mundane. The motivation to get started and to continue to do this. In the end as it may seem routine and its good to be in a routine its just making sure you are changing it up every once and a while, just keep it realistic and have fun!

Alarms and sick days are necessary no matter what you happen to do in life. Just take it easy and have fun!

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