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Equipment Needs

There are many different things that you may need to start your own online business of being an online influencer. You might need…. · Camera o Can use your phone if you don’t have a physical camera o Sony and Nikon have decent camera’s o Different lens (regular, fisheye) · Tripod, steady cam, selfie stick or gimble · Computer/phone/tablet with Wi-Fi and data capable o Just in case you need to do it on the fly/run or just want to go live! · Storage for your raw footage o Can save on your computer o External hard drive o Network Attached Storage (NAS) · Virtual Private Network (VPN) · Anti-virus and malware protection · OBS o For streaming o You might want to consider either making yourself or paying for some graphics for your stream so you have a proper start and end to your stream as well as a stand by one just in case you need to temporarily step away · XR1 Pro Capture Card, HDR Capture/Pass Through o Makes streaming go a lot smoother and with a higher quality. o Some things like a gaming system just needs this to work · Corsair Elgato Stream Deck – Live Content Creation Controller o aka Steam Deck · Microphone · Headphones with or without a microphone attached. o You can get headphones with a removable microphone piece · Lighting o Ring light · Editing software o Adobe Suite

§ Premiere Pro § InDeisgn § Illustrator § Photoshop § Photoshop Extended § ImageReady § Bridy § Incopy § Acrobat § After Effects § Auditon § Contribute § Device Central § Dreamweaver § Dynamic Link § Encore § Fireworks § Flash Builder § Flash Catalyst § Flash profession (Animate) § GoLive § Illustrator § Lightroom § Media Encoder § OnLocation § Prelude § Soundbooth § SpeedGrade § Stock Photes § Story Plus § Ultra § Version Cue

§ o Microsoft § Paint § Video Editor o Apple § iMovie o Movavi There are many different software and equipment that you might need to get started but honestly, I think that if this is something that you are interested in and want to get started then you should just get started. Use your phone and the default editing software that is on your computer. Everything else will figure itself out as you go alone. Hopefully the more you do it, you will make money and with money you can purchase better equipment. There are many different platforms that you can get started on as well, here are a few different examples of platforms that you can get started on with your online influencer endeavours.

· YouTube · Twitter · Twitch · Facebook · Instagram · Snapchat · LinkedIn · Patreon · Create your own website · Etsy · Pinterest · Slack · Spotify · Stereo · Letterboxd · Tumblr · TicTok · Reddit · Soundcloud · Ad SenseAR · Merchandise (including books) · Sponsorships · Affiliate Codes & Links · Channel memberships · Appearance fees · Discord · OBS Streaming · Vimeo · Cameo · Comcast

With being online you might want to consider getting a website. Below are some examples of hosting websites that can host your website. They all offer some different plans to help make your website the best that it can be.

· Divi – Elegant Themes · Wix · · Bluehost · Squarespace · Network Solutions · · Site 123 · Ionos by 1&1 · Elementor ·

Keep in mind that these are just examples and can be used or not used by you. There is a steep learning curve to stay ahead and to be on the online influencer curve. Remember to pace yourself and to make certain that this is what you want to be doing in your life.

No matter what you do there is always equipment that you need to best perform. Remember that these are just suggestions and have fun with your own endeavours.


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