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How to Find a Job Part Three

Here are some suggestions for you to help you get what you need to start your new position in life. Take you time and know that only the best is on its way to you. · Polish your cover letter and resume o Do not be afraid to get help with this · Come up with a few different ones · Do not be afraid to get help with this · Find key words that will help set you apart · When applying to positions try to incorporate key words that they are using in the advertisement in your cover letter · Don’t’ ever be afraid to continuously update your resume and cover letter as things in life to change · Put your portfolio together Some examples of resume terms and skills that you may have

· WSIB Forms/Claims · Accounts receivable/payable · Advertising/Marketing · Attention to detail/Accurate · Excellent time management · Quick learner · Organized/strong organizational skills · Reliable/reliability · Responsible · Dependable · Efficient/efficiency · Client focused · Flexible · Hard worker/Hard Working · Can meet deadlines/can meet tight deadlines · Creativity · Efficient · Energetic · Goal-oriented · Hardworking · Outgoing · Proactive · Accurate · Active listener · Client focused · Dependability · Efficient interpersonal skills · Excellent oral communication · Excellent written communication · Excellent oral and written communication · Professional correspondence · Experience with website design · Inventory control · Experience doing inventory · Recipe analytics · Orientation · Data entry · Transcription · Professional correspondence · Handle all mail & couriers · Record management · Adaptability · Analytical · Collaborative · Integrity · Positive Attitude · Time management · Team Player · Independent worker · Dependability/dependable · Efficient interpersonal skills · Excellent written communication · Nurture/foster strong relationships · Work independently as well as on a team · Customer service oriented · Detailed oriented · Fast paced environment · Ability to prioritize · Multitask

  • Adobe InDesign

  • Accounts receivable/payable

  • Advertising

  • Attention to detail

  • Excellent time management

  • Quick learner

  • Organized

  • Can meet deadlines

  • Positive attitude

  • Experience with WordPress and Wix

  • Recipe analytics

  • WSIB Forms

  • Professional correspondence

· Applications Ø Zoom Ø MailChimp Ø QuickBooks Ø WordPress Ø Microsoft Office Ø Wix Ø Windows Ø Mac Ø Dos Ø SMS Ø Adobe InDeisgn Ø Premiere Pro Ø Adobe Acrobat · Certifications Ø Health & Safety Ø CPR/First Aid Ø Lifeguard Ø Food Safety Ø LLQP (Life Licence Qualification Program) Ø Real Estate License Ø Diplomas or degrees Ø CSC (Canadian Securities Courses) Ø CPH (Conduct and Practices Handbook Courses) Ø IRT (Investment Representative Training Program) Ø CDR (Canadian Depositary Receipts) Ø ALD (Assistive Listening Device) Ø RAIC (Royal Architectural Institute of Canada) · Other skills Ø Software/computer platforms (Adobe, Movavi, Wix, WordPress, Windows, Apple, DOS) Ø Data entry Ø Transcription/dictations Ø Certifications Ø Website design Ø Graphic design Ø Videographer Ø Video editor Ø Photographer Ø Photo editor Ø Scanner & document editor

Do your research · Find out what is out there and what you want to be doing for work. Really define what it is that you want to be doing, and clearly know what you do not want to be doing as well. Just focus on what is out there that you want to be doing · If there is any certification or education that you need for your most ideal position, are you willing to ‘foot the bill’ and put in the hard work to get it the certification? · Go to placement agencies, local libraries, networking events, workshops, and employment services to help see what the job market is like · Go on company websites and check out their career tab o Some companies do not use 3rd party websites to post jobs o Some companies exclusively use placement agencies to source new employees · Some prompts to help find what you want may be: o What type of position do I want? o Which websites have I checked out? o What networking events are coming up in my area? o Is there a workshop I can attend in the next few days? o How is my website and cover letter looking? o Who can I be networking with today or in the next few days? o Is there someone I know who I can do a mock interview with? o Are there positions available out there that I want to be doing? · Manufacturing, labour and factory positions o There are many manufacturing, labour and factory positions in and around your area. You will want to be certain that you have a consistent way of getting to and from work as these types of positions have different hours. For example, some of the shifts could be morning, afternoon or night or have an early morning start. Many of them also require you to lift and/or carry any where from 5lbs to 15lbs worth of product. · Product stocker and product marketer o Many of these positions operate during the night or early morning. You will want to make sure that you have a consistent way of getting to and from work. Many of them also require you to lift and/or carry any where from 5lbs to 15lbs worth of product. · Have a clear idea of what kind of job that you are looking for and that you want to be having · Find job service websites that seem to be more targeted for you and the positions that you would like to have · Get resume paper and start to create a portfolio for yourself so you will look more professional when you arrive at interviews, job fairs and networking events Websites to find position advertisements You can go to the company’s website directly and apply to them as well. Website will vary depending on your location. These are just some examples.




  • Workopolis



  • Wowjobs

  • Best Jobs Online

  • LinkedIn

  • Kijiji

  • Craigslist

  • Kings Job Board

  • Zip Recruiter

  • Eluta

Virtual Assistant Platforms

· · TranscribeMe! · TranscriptionPuppy · Doximity · Ditto Transcripts · Flex Jobs · We Work Remotely · The Virtual Gurus · Freelancer · Rev · iDictate · Working Solutions · Dion Data Solutions · Data Plus · Sprout Gigs · Scribie · Sig Track · Amazon Mechanical Turk · AccuTran Global · Symbria · Fiverr · Upwork · Clickworder · Axion Data · Charity Village

Virtual Jobs

· Bookkeeping · Website development · Graphics design · Coaching · Data analysis · Ecommerce manager · Custer service agent (call centre agent) · Programming · Online administration assistant · Transcription · Data entry · Scheduling · Email managing and collections · Newsletter producer · Blog manager, content creating blogs and ghostwriting · Content editor or creation o Writing blog posts o Research content ideas o Create graphics o Source photos o Take production pictures o Edit pictures/thumbnails o Create, produce, edit videos · Video producer or editor · Content translator · Online customer service or Tech Support · Managing product launches · Customer relationship management (CRM) · Community management and moderation · Lead generation · Processing online orders and refunds · Project management · Calendar management and travel arrangements o Proofreader o Copywriter o Web designer o Personal assistant o Event Planner o Real estate assistant o Quality control supervisor o Research assistant o Administrative assistant

· YouTube Channel · Website · Patreon · Etsy · Facebook · LinkedIn · Twitter · Instagram · TicTok · Snap chat · Twitch · Pinterest · Mix · Reddit · Discord · Slack · Ebay · Affiliate links · Spoitify · Appearance fees · OBS Streaming · Stereo · Sound Cloud · Ad Sense · Merchandise · Sponsorships · Kijiji · Craigslist · Shopify

Applications to help manage your time

· Notion

· Trello

· OneNote

· Monday

· DoneDone

· Pomodoro Timer

· Evernote

· Waze

· Spark

· MyLifeOrganized (MLO)

· Habitica

· Focusmate

· Flora – Green Focus

· Forest: Stay Focused/Focus for Productivity

· Calendar

o Google Calendar

o Outlook (Microsoft) Calendar

o Default calendar on phone

Idea’s if you need to work online

· Reliable high-speed internet connection

· A computer (desktop), laptop or tablet

· Smartphone

· A print, scanner and shredder

· Word and spreadsheet processing software (Microsoft, Google Docs, Dropbox or OneDrive

· Accessories such as a webcam, headset (headphones and a microphone)

· Backup storage (Hard drive, Network Attached Storage (Nas))

· Accounting software (QuickBooks)

· Payment processing (Square, iPay, PayPal)

· A postal address for deliveries or a P.O. Box


· Antivirus and Malware protection

· Website or a domain name

Responsibilities of an assistant

(Virtual Assistant responsibilities may vary)

· Operate personal computer equipment

· Work with math concepts like probability and statistical

· Apply concepts like fractions, percentages, ratios, and proportions to practical situation

· Proven problem solving, communication, organization, and customer service skills

· Solve practical problems and to interpret a variety of instructions in written, oral, diagram or schedule form

· Data processing information to a high level of accuracy

· Input information such as reports, mailing lists, accounts, payroll, staff records and scientific information

· Report retrieval, confirm and update data

· Type and re-arrange information including highlighting parts of text, moving paragraphs and formation information including into columns

· Making alterations to information already stored on a computer

· Print out reports, letters, labels, and other documents as required

· Other clerical duties

o Wiping down services

§ Including boardrooms, pens and door knobs

o Taking items to the post-office, post-office box

o Answering phones

§ Taking messages

§ Delivery messages

o Order office supplies/organize the office supplies closet

o Scheduling appointments

o Greeting clients

Come up with a side hustle to help keep you busy

o You can volunteer virtually anyway

§ At your library

§ Animal shelter

§ Homeless shelter

§ Soup kitchen

· Vlog/Blog

o On YouTube

o Wix or Squarespace site

· Be a vender at

o Craft show

o Comic Con

· Get a Shopify or Etsy store


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